Paintings are an invaluable part of the Carrino Collection. Most are original subjects, while some are excellent copies of classic Beethoven-themed paintings. These include Balestrieri’s Beethoven and Joseph Karl Stieler’s portrait, perhaps the most popular of the many devoted to the composer. 

Some of the original portraits in the Collection are surprisingly modern, with styles ranging from Expressionism to an almost abstract Neo-Impressionism. 

Other paintings are important for their historical value. The collection includes several rare works on the theme of Beethoven’s birth and childhood, periods for which few records exist in the vast iconography dedicated to him. There are also emblematic glimpses of his life, such as Rudolf Alfred Höger’s walk by the brook, which takes us to a prolific period of his life (1807–1808), in Heiligenstadt where years earlier he had become fully aware of his deafness. Other paintings, such as Max Sieber’s Veneration of Beethoven, the hero piece of this exhibition, are extraordinary and unique interpretations of the Beethoven myth. When acquiring the works, the focus is on their intrinsic artistic quality and on their documentary value. Here we will look at only a few paintings, as many others are documented in detail in the exhibition.