M.Sieber oil on canvas, 1913 The grandiose image of Beethoven's face appears to an unsuspecting man and woman who,
in the author's intent, represent all of Humanity.

Naoum Aronson, Russian-French sculpture (1872 – 1943).
Bronze casting, green patina, Bonn, 1905.

Rudolf Alfred Höger, Viennese painter and landscaper, 1876–1928.
Oil on canvas, late 19th century.

Marcello Mascherini, Italian sculptor and set designer (1906 – 1983).
Bronze casting, green patina, Trieste, 1925.

Facsimile detail
of the autograph score
of the Ninth Symphony.

Alois Kolb, allegory inspired by the Piano Sonata in C minor No.8, opera 13 "Patetica" (1798-1799). Original etching and aquatint, Leipzig, 1921.

Bust by Marcel André Bouraine, circa 1925

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The Man. The Genius. The Myth

A great exhibition beyond the borders of music  

Galleria Harry Bertoia – Pordenone
September – December 2021

In Friuli Venezia Giulia, an international event to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth 

On the 250th Anniversary of Beethoven’s birth, the Friuli city of Pordenone will host a great exhibition dedicated to the German musician. The initiative will have international prominence for the value of the proposed works, their immersion in a multimedia itinerary and the contextual review of musical and cultural events, which will place Friuli Venezia Giulia and Italy at the centre of attention in this year dedicated to Beethoven. 
Protagonist of the exhibition will be the Carrino Collection, among the most important Beethoven collections in the world, with 11.500 pieces preserved in the Beethoven House Museum Library of Muggia: a cultural heritage that includes treasures contended by major European cultural institutions, previously exhibited in Baden, Paris and at the Beethoven-Haus Museum in Bonn, in a special exhibition devoted to this precious collection. 
The exhibition is promoted and organized by the Beethoven House Museum Library in collaboration with the Municipality of Pordenone. It will be hosted from September to December 2021, in the Harry Bertoia Gallery, in the medieval heart of ancient Civitas Austriae, for centuries an Austrian enclave within the Patriarchate of Aquileia: through the event, Pordenone intends to symbolically strengthen its historical ties with the German-speaking world.
The venue is a modern exhibition space with a conference room, which will host the meetings, concerts and concert lessons variously linked to the themes of the exhibition.

An Exhibition never seen before

The Carrino Collection will be presented and explained to Pordenone with an unprecedented selection of pieces, for quality, quantity and originality. Visitors will be immersed in works of art (paintings, sculpture, graphics) and applied art, documents, fine biographical-historical and musical editions. They will discover rare collections of bookplates, medals, stamps, figures and advertising. They will be inspired by continuous curiosities in a fascinating narrative setting, with audiovisuals and interactive corners.  A varied itinerary, guided by an Italian taste for beauty, to be savoured on the surface and studied in depth by participating in an exciting investigation on the relationship between Man, Genius and Myth, at the origin of the Beethoven cult which is still alive today. The author of the European Anthem and the most famous opening in the history of music is, in fact, an icon of world heritage.  A figure that, for his versatility, offers countless opportunities to open “windows on the world” and spans over two centuries of culture, chronicle, costume history and artistic techniques in Europe. A great exhibition beyond the borders of never seen before music.

The exhibition:
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The collection
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Carrino family

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Per ragioni di sicurezza legate al Covid-19, la mostra è rinviata a data da destinarsi

For safety reasons related to Covid-19, the exhibition is postponed to 2021 on a date to destined