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There are three main itineraries in the virtual exhibition: 

  • THE MAN  dedicated to the most important events and themes in the composer’s life; 
  • THE GENIUS  dedicated to his works and how they are interpreted in the figurative arts;  
  • THE MYTH  dedicated to the worldwide spread of the Beethoven Myth, the exploitation of the composer’s image for commercial and political purposes, his veneration and desecration. 

Several sub-itineraries are proposed within each of the three. 

For example: 
when the “GENIUS” itinerary is selected, the “SIXTH SYMPHONY” sub-itinerary becomes available. 
Each sub-itinerary consists of a Gallery of works and/or documents on the theme with a short introduction.
Each image is accompanied by a description and can be enlarged and viewed in a different resolution. 
The “INTRO” feature is a short audiovisual introduction to the specific section. 

CREDITS: all works and documents are from the Carrino Collection
© Collezione Carrino – Casa Museo Biblioteca Beethoveniana 
Any use of these images is prohibited without the express permission of Casa Museo Biblioteca Beethoveniana.