The Carrino collection of Muggia:
The protagonist of the great Beethoven Exhibition in Pordenone

“The Carrino Collection in its orientation and size is unparalleled in the world… It embraces the visitor both emotionally and aesthetically from new and surprising angles.”

Michael Landerburger, already the Director of the Beethoven-Haus Museum in Bonn

An extraordinary family passion 

Ludovico, Giuliana, Sergio Carrino in the entrance hall of the Beethoven House Museum in Muggia.

The exhibition offers a unique opportunity to appreciate the treasures of the Carrino Collection, probably the largest private Beethoven collection in the world, whose works have been requested for important exhibitions in Bonn, Paris, Baden and to which a dedicated unprecedented space will be available in Pordenone, for the quality, quantity and variety of the pieces on display. 
The Collection is housed in the Beethoven House Museum Library in Muggia, a few kilometres from Trieste, where the Carrino family preserves and enhances the result of an exciting research journey begun almost half a century ago by Sergio and Giuliana, also involving their son Ludovico, on the trail of a “cult” dedicated to the great German composer, on all continents and through the most varied forms of expression. 

Ten rooms of wonders in Muggia

The Beethoven House Museum Library in Muggia is divided into a dozen rooms spread over two floors, welcoming 12 sections: art (painting and sculpture), applied art, medals, documents, library, bookplates, graphic art, advertising, postcards, figurines, stamps, Kitsch.

The sections are organised with bibliophile passion and accurate aesthetic sense:  the objects catch the eye, with the sensitivity towards the materials that go further than their selection, by the strict passion for the authentic, as evidenced by the extraordinary first editions of Beethoven’s books, many dating back to the 19th century. The collection also enhances the evocative potential of these objects, which create reflection and bring knowledge about the places and time from which they come. Beethoven’s beautiful busts help us to relive the tastes and “national” styles of European art between the 19th and 20th centuries. Graphic art makes us dwell on the relationship between music and image, showing us how painters and engravers “observed” and interpreted Beethoven’s notes in allegorical form. The publishing world, with its luxurious technical variations, allows us to understand how marketing is not an invention of our time. The publishing pages take us back to a territory of genial desecration. A journey, therefore, through the beauty of objects themselves and the discovery of the meanings that open windows onto the world: that of yesterday and today.

The prestigious exhibitions: Bonn, Paris, Baden

A special exhibition was dedicated, in 2013 to the Carrino Collection, with a catalogue in the prestigious Beethoven-Haus Museum in Bonn, at the invitation of conductors Matte Boecker and Michael Ladenburger. The exhibition was a great success with the public and critics and was extended by two months.

“In this exhibition visitors were able to enrich their knowledge from multiple perspectives and perceive the attraction that Beethoven and his work have exerted on all art forms around the world, taking always new and surprising directions.”

Michael Landerburger

The Beethoven Library Museum in Muggia collaborated with the Musée de la Musique in Paris and the Philarmonie of Paris in Le Mythe Beethoven, the largest exhibition on the Composer of the last thirty years, organised in Paris in October 2016, curated by Colin Lemoine and Marie-Pauline Martin.

“This exhibition benefited from the valuable help of the Beethoven-Haus of Bonn, the Association of Friends of Music in Vienna and the Beethoven Library of Muggia… Without them, the many unique documents, including the writer’s manuscripts, could not have been presented…”

Eric de Visscher, Director of the Museum of Music in Paris

Collaboration is also underway with the Kaiserhaus of Baden, for the important Beethoven exhibition on the 250th anniversary of the Composer’s birth.

Beethoven in Muggia  

With a documentary in the form of an interview, Marco Calabrese takes us from the picturesque alleys of Muggia, an ancient port of Venetian imprint near Trieste, to discover the treasures of the Beethoven House Museum Library, described competently and passionately by Sergio and Giuliana Carrino.

The video is an Impatto Visivo production of Trieste (copyright Fulvio Enrico Bullo).

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